Three guesses what this is, and the first two…well, you know how the guessing game goes.  So, before you even try, we’ll  give you a few hints:  On this stunningly bright and sun filled winter day in Round Top, an idea – equally bright – is being prepped for loading onto the bed of an 18-wheeler. Yoakum House Moving is at work. So are Mark Massey, owner/developer of The Compound in Round Top, and Houston interior design maven, Julie Dodson / Dodson Interiors.

Needless to say, there’s a vision thing going on that, to any observer, is going to require large measures of creativity! So, what is it and where is it headed? Here’s the puzzle solved: what you see is a long vacant, vintage farmhouse, separated into two sections, that will soon be on the road to redemption. During a well orchestrated, lights flashing escorted journey across pastures, onto farm to market roads, over highways and under power lines, it will at last be situated at The Compound on Highway 237 in Round Top. In March, it becomes part of The Compound Antique Show, reborn as Dodson’s “Country Cottage Idea House” under her Designer Dream Spree moniker – her brainchild creative project that launched this last antique show.

Dodson’s vision for a charming, country perfect guest house is also the start of fulfilling Massey’s bright idea for an ultimate village of small houses within his 57-acre Compound development of event “barns”. Here this collection of little houses, with no historical merit but lots of history and the pedigree of Czech and German immigrants, will once more “live”, serving a variety of event-related purposes. Dodson’s Country Cottage Idea House, in the second of several cottages planned, will join another vintage home already moved to the site during the last few weeks that is also being readied for unveiling this spring antique show.

Join the journey – as we follow the progress and the process of everything and everyone associated with the restoration and reincarnation, up to and including the Country Cottage Idea House opening on Friday, March 24th during the spring Round Top Antique Fair. Check in. Right here. On this blog. Every week.