Country Cottage Idea House

Take out the notepad, get out the tape measure….

That’s just what Dodson Interiors staff members, Patty Henriquez, design assistant and Grace Dodson, associate did last Saturday while Julie Dodson surveyed the cottage rooms for light, balance, and furniture placement, with a critical eye.

“This opening into the bedroom needs to cased, and widened, and feel less confining,” she said. Noted.

Back in the living area: “And what about this window…when that closet is torn out it won’t be centered on the wall. Can we add a window just to the right? That would make up the difference.” Noted.

Pausing in front of the closet frame that still remained she mused “We could make this a niche for a really interesting furniture piece.” Then, as soon as she said it, she reconsidered. “No, I need the space.”

Pausing before what will eventually be the back door that leads to the outside, she suggested, “Why don’t we make this a window door.” Though, during the show, it will be a door unused, Julie’s decision will bring in cascades of light, exposing the treed vista beyond, rather like a full length landscape painting. Great idea. Also noted.

Fanning out her color palette on the living room floor where the natural light revealed true hues, Dodson selected the tones carefully to meld with the Walker-Zanger hard surfaces she had specified the previous week. And her selections were quickly finalized while commenting, almost to herself, that what she had previously chosen wasn’t right, “I need a cooler tone to blend with that tile; something more blue.”

I immediately texted the desired construction changes to Compound owner/developer Mark Massey, and to Lewis Tindall, The Compound’s contractor/builder. And with that, on this Saturday morning, the wheels were set in motion for the work week ahead.

Mission accomplished, all the design gals stopped for a chummy snap in front of this “little house that could”. They, too, had their work week mapped out, equipped with a pad full of various measurements that will guide selections of finishes and furnishings moving forward. Stay tuned.